Best Free Tools To Repair Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest and the most advanced version of the operating system created by Microsoft. However, even with its wide set of advanced features, it is not completely flawless. Since the time of its launch in July 2015, users have been experiencing some issues. From the point of upgrading their systems from the previous OS versions to using some special features of Windows 10, the users have a lot to complain about.

There are the best free tools to repair Windows 10 available that can easily fix the issues. These tools to repair Windows 10 and its common issues can fix almost anything from broken drivers to restoring the vital PC components, resurrecting certain features and even locking down the privacy settings. Here is a list of our top Windows 10 repair tool download available for you completely free. Have a read.

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5 Best Free Tools To Repair Windows 10

Driver Booster

In case your Windows 10 has been encountering some common hardware issues like with printer or speakers, then a faulty driver might be the main culprit. With the help of several free tools, even the faulty drivers can be handled with much ease. The best one amongst them all is the Driver Booster. As the name implies, this free tool can be used for repairing the faulty driver of your Windows 10 PC.

The Driver Booster program is divided into two sections: Outdated & UpToDate. You can select the Outdate option and then click on the icon “Update Now” for updating all the outdated drivers on your PC system in one go. This program helps in the automatic updating of all the erroneous drivers and helps in saving a lot of time and effort. Thus, the Driver Booster tool can be regarded as one of the best tools to repair Windows 10 PC.

Download Driver Booster

FixWin 10

This is another great free Windows 10 repair tool download that you can consider using for correcting all the common errors in your PC. The best part about this free repair tool is that it is highly portable and therefore, there is no need of a separate installation of the same.

The FixWin 10 Windows 10 repair tool is divided into six sections. Each section is used to represent and fix a certain problem associated with the Windows 10 system. Some of these include System Tools, File Explorer and so more. Each section is composed of at least ten fixes. Therefore, you can be assured of a complete repair package for your PC with this Windows 10 repair tool download.

Download FixWin 10

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4

This free repair tool for Windows 10 has been developed by same parent company as FixWin 10. However, it comes with its own set of specialized repairing functions for the Windows 10 PC. Unlike FixWin 10 that is used to address the common Windows 10 issues and then fix them, Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 program allows the users for quickly enabling, disabling, hiding, or even removing certain features from the Windows 10 PC.

The users can make the desired changes listed in the particular repair program with the help of the Windows 10 Settings app, the Group Policy Editor or the Registry Editor. However, the Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 combines all of these options within a single package such that the users are able to address the same quickly. There are more than 200 Windows 10 tweaks that are available in this program.

Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4

Missed Features Installer 10

Windows 10 is not entirely a poor Operating System. In fact, it has been developed to fix the various forms of issues with the previous OS versions. However, the users of Windows 7 are still not able to get over some of the unique features and user-friendliness offered by the same. Therefore, if you are dearly missing some of the Windows 7 features, then you can have them on the Windows 10 PC as well. This can be achieved with the help of this free tool as Missed Features Installer 10.

Detta gratisprogram innehåller ett fullt utrustat paket med tillförlitliga och säkra tredjepartsapplikationer som skulle hjälpa användarna att återuppliva de vänliga funktionerna som erbjuds av Windows 7. Till exempel kan du använda detta program för att inkludera Windows 7-liknande Start-menyn, Windows Movie Maker, ta tillbaka skrivbordsprylarna samt Windows Experience Index Tool.

Installationen av detta verktyg kräver cirka 1 GB utrymme. I den tidigare Windows-versionen behövde användarna en separat DVD för att bränna och köra denna ISO-fil. Men Windows 10 OS låter användarna stimulera detsamma i en virtuell miljö så att de kan köra programmet direkt på datorn. Användarna behöver bara öppna ISO-filen och sedan köra installationsfilen samtidigt.


O & O käftar 10

Windows 10 levereras med en avancerad uppsättning sekretessinställningar som är mycket anpassningsbara. Med hjälp av O & O Shut Up 10 gratis reparationsverktyg kan du förbättra den övergripande integritetsupplevelsen för din Windows 10-dator på ett bekvämt sätt.

Detta program är uppdelat i nio sektioner. Några av dessa inkluderar sektioner för sekretess, säkerhet samt Windows Update. Var och en av dessa avsnitt erbjuder olika alternativ. Dessa alternativ finns också på Windows 10, men deras individuella roller är inte tydliga. Med hjälp av O & O Shut Up 10-verktyget kommer du att veta allt om var och en av dessa alternativ på ett detaljerat sätt. Om du helt enkelt vill använda de rekommenderade inställningarna för detta program kan du klicka på alternativet "Åtgärder" i rullgardinsmenyn och sedan välja samma.

Ladda ner O&O Shut Up 10

Om du har haft några vanliga problem med Windows 10 OS kan du använda dessa gratisverktyg för att enkelt reparera Windows 10 OS.

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