Fact: the main reason people still go to offline stores is for the advice and assistance that’s available there. Another fact: with today’s technology we can create much better digital customer experiences than the ones currently on offer in e-commerce.


-powered by the Feli Recommendation Engine

Online shopping is great if you know exactly what you’re looking for. You find, you buy, it’s delivered! But a large percentage of users still ends up empty-handed, lost in a maze of products. With automated shopping advice powered by the Feli Recommendation Engine, your users get personalized, context-based advice that allows them to confidently hit “buy”.

Get to know the user and their context to offer truly relevant product recommendations.

Don't keep your new smarts to yourself: tell the user why certain products are being recommended.

Hop on the convo-train by opting for a chatbot or one of our other conversation-based frontend modules.


-powered by the Feli Product Management Engine

The Feli Product Management Engine delivers API-powered cataloguing services for the 2020s. Say goodbye to never ending Excel sheets. Now your product managers can update product content in real-time and with half the manual effort, using assisted curation through machine learning and image recognition.

Automatically tag & curate new products through the power of machine learning and image recognition.

Go beyond hard product characteristics and curate products based on persona, uses, and more.