One of the biggest challenges facing financial service providers and insurance companies are labor-intensive advisory services. Execution-only products have already found their way online, but these can only answer limited customer needs. If consumers have access to sophisticated, fast advisory tools, more demand can be unlocked.


-powered by the Feli Advisor Engine

Providing financial advice to consumers is traditionally a labor intensive and time-consuming process, requiring extensive paperwork and risk-assessment procedures. It’s also costly for consumers. The Feli Advisor Engine removes the need for intermediaries and automates the advice process, so that businesses can access demand that already exists. With robo-advice, consumers can access personalized financial advice at a fraction of the cost.

Real time contextual support for users provides personalized tips, tricks & feedback.

Generate fully personalized advice for complex financial products.

Expose your advisor as a web application, chatbot, or any other frontend application.


-powered by the Feli Compliance Engine

Robo-advice is a new field. Regulators are still defining the terms in which technology providers and financial institutions should operate. In order to be ahead of the curve, Feli provides back office solutions that should put your compliance department at ease.

Automatically log user actions and advisor reactions, and export raw user data and activity history.

Depending on your needs, we offer either a 100% stateless API or fully secured cloud-based data storage.

Internal analytics server anonymous user trend analysis, exportable to external analytics tooling.